Compelling, Dynamic Copy That Gets Noticed … and Makes You More Money

 Using innovative thinking to produce copy that is creative, appropriate and accurate


Dear Holistic-Minded Marketer,

My mission as a natural health, green product, alternative energy and materials science copywriter is to help people live healthier, happier lives, which includes creating healthy living environments with the use of breakthrough energy and materials technologies. I’m here to transform lives, to make a difference not only in personal health, but also in your bottom line.

Why? Because this is my passion, and it’s been my passion for decades!


You likely landed here because you could use some assistance with your copy. Maybe you don’t have enough copywriters on hand to get all the work done. Or maybe your copywriters don’t have the flexibility or insight to write what you want them to write.

With my technical background (B.S. Materials Science & Engineering, M.S. Environmental Studies), as well as my lifelong interest in natural health, I have the ability to make difficult concepts easy to understand.

And, with my formal AWAI-direct response training, compelling copy that gets people’s attention—and keeps them reading—is what I promise deliver. I also understand the customer’s decision-making process and know firsthand the transformation they’ll experience—because I’m your customer, too.

Furthermore, they’ll be no hand-holding for me; I’ll “get it” the first-time. And first drafts will be delivered when promised, for the price we agreed upon.


Because marketing campaigns are a team effort, I work closely with your scientists, engineers, doctors, customers and customer service people. I want to know what your customers are saying. I truly care.

And, as a member of American Writers & Artists, Inc. (AWAI), and the Professional Writer’s Alliance, I’m up on the latest trends and techniques that work in today’s holistic-minded world, no matter where your customers are. (Some companies only hire AWAI-trained copywriters …)

I’ve also lived in Europe and traveled the world, and I understand people. No matter where they’re from, their faith, culture, interests, and what makes them tick—I connect with them from the heart.


Because I’m a direct response copywriter who specializes in direct response copy, email marketing, and web copy for holistic-minded businesses. I have a knack for writing compelling and fascinating copy, in a truthful, easy-to-understand way. Often this can be accomplished by using stories of transformation. The story is what will get your customer’s attention.

As master copywriter (and storyteller) David Ogilvy said, “Tell the truth but make truth fascinating. You know, you can’t bore people into buying your product. You can only interest them in buying it.”


Interested in seeing what I can do for you? To receive a copy of my copywriting information kit (which includes how I work, my client list, samples of my work), fill out the short form here.

To your physical and financial health,

Christine Hoeflich
Direct Response Copywriter
Holistic World Copy
San Jose, CA

P.S. Remember, when you need:

  1. Compelling copy that gets your prospects’ attention and drives them to take action
  2. Lead generation for your sales efforts
  3. Conversion of online visitors into buyers
  4. And everything else in between …

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